Programmatically change external mode data archiving directory

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Is it possible to programmatically specify or change the data archiving directory in the Simulink external mode control panel? We have a technician interacting with a real-time simulation via a custom GUI, and would like them to be able to easily archive data in different directories depending on the test type.

Accepted Answer

Jan Houska
Jan Houska on 19 Nov 2014
This should do what you need:
set_param(model, 'ExtModeArchiveDirName', 'c:\your_directory')

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MA on 13 Nov 2014
Edited: MA on 13 Nov 2014
writing your desired directory with cd code in the command window, for exmaple my directory is C:\peace\one , you should write code as following:
cd C:\peace\one
you should notice that this directory does exist otherwise it gives you an error

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