how to exchange matrix rows depending on distance

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hi guys, i have the following matrix A with distance D1 and matrix B with distance D2.
i want a code to exchange A rows with B rows which have higher distance, as moving row 2 in B to matrix A row 2 and remove the old row 2 in A. the output should be:
how to do this guys?

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Guillaume on 16 Nov 2014
Edited: Guillaume on 16 Nov 2014
Hum, I'm sure I've seen a very similar question (same illustration) in the past. Is this homework?
find the index of the rows you want to exchange:
idx = find(D2 > D1);
And use that to copy the rows of B in A:
A(idx, :) = B(idx, :);
Or, using logical indexing:
A(D2>D1, :) = B(D2>D1);
janny on 16 Nov 2014
Edited: janny on 16 Nov 2014
thank you very much... its working fine now,,,,

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MA on 16 Nov 2014
clear all
close all
A=[11 22 33 44;0 14 15 16]'
B=[66 77 88 99;0 16 19 14]'
for i=1:4
if A(i,2)<B(i,2)
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Guillaume on 16 Nov 2014
M.A., Your loop is equivalent to:
idx = A(:,2)<B(:,2);
A(idx, :) = B(idx, :);
No need for a loop.

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