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Why am I getting error "Array indices must be positive" and error in syms, when using eval function

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Why am I getting errors when using the eval function?
syms x
f(x) = 3.5*x*(1-x)
f(x) = 
f2 = f(f(x))
f2 = 
eqn2 = f2 == x;
sol= (solve(eqn2,x))
sol = 
Array indices must be positive integers or logical values.

Error in sym/subsref (line 997)
R_tilde = builtin('subsref',L_tilde,Idx);
I have used the same steps to evaluate f with no errors.
Any pointers would be really appreciated.
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Stephen23 on 10 Feb 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 10 Feb 2022

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Accepted Answer

Highphi on 9 Feb 2022
I think it's because you need to make f, f2, and eqn2 functions of x (even though I drop eqn2)
syms x f f2 % << here
f(x) = 3.5*x*(1-x) % and see f(x) instead of just f
f(x) = 
f2(x) = f(f(x)) % etc
f2(x) = 
% eqn2(x) = f2(x) == x %% not necessary
% sol = solve(eqn2, x) %% not necessary
sol = solve(f2(x) == x, x)
sol = 
ans = 0.4286

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