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Is it possible to open matlab function block editor code in the standard script editor?

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In older Matlab versions the code from simulink matlab function block would open in the script editor. This was very convenient, since you could have several scripts open in different tabs, and rapidly switch between them. I just tried Matlab 2021b for the first time and this functionality seems to be no longer available. The code from Matlab function blocks now seems to be edited in a dedicated script editor, which means I have to switch between windows instead of simply using the tabs in the script editor. Moreover, this new matlab function block editor seems to be ignoring the color scheme I set in the preferences, and has a white background while I have dark backgrounds in both the script editor and the workspace.
Is there any way to open the code in the old script editor?

Accepted Answer

T Bui
T Bui on 19 Aug 2022
No answer so far, but I think the best way right now is to Right click on the Matlab function block and choose "Open in a new Tab". Then you can edit any functions on the same Simulink file and reduce the dependency on the main Matlab editor. Hope this help ^^
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Sebastián Gómez Jorge
Sebastián Gómez Jorge on 21 Sep 2022
That does help a bit, but the keyboard functionality to switch between tabs is missing, you can't ctrl+tab as in the standard script editor. At least now the color scheame is working..yay!. Hopefuly we'll get the option to open matlab functions in the old script editor window back sometime down the road.

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J Chen
J Chen on 27 Jan 2023
Edited: J Chen on 26 Mar 2023
One option is to right click at the block and choose Open in New Window.


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