Simulink Fixed-Point tool false error

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I am trying to use Fixed-Point tool's Iterative fixed-point conversion on my Simulink model but after the ranges are collected, when I click on "Propose Data Type", I encounter this error message:
The model is error free and is able to compile and simulate without errors so I don't know what the issue might be. Where can I find the logs of this step? Maybe the error details could give me a hint.

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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett on 4 Apr 2022
Hi Ali,
I suggest you reach out to tech support. For example, use the Request Support button on MATLAB's HOME toolstrip.
If you want to explore things on your own, after every step in Fixed-Point Tool, bring the root model to the foreground and perform an update diagram (control-D). This may show you what is going wrong.
If that does not revel the issue, Data Type Override might be hidding issue.
Before doing the update diagram, you could turn data type override ON for each model involved
% mdl is the root model and any child reference models
Or you may need to turn data type override OFF for each model involved
% mdl is the root model and any child reference models
Sorry, I don't have enough information on your situation to give more specific suggestions. Hence my initial suggestion to reach out to tech support.
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ALi Falahati
ALi Falahati on 6 Aug 2022
Thanks Andy, I honestly don't remember have I fixed this but I think it fixed by itself somehow.

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