How to find out distance of two different location using their latitude and longitude?

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Location 1
Latitude (deg) Longitude (deg)
23.254713123 87.846916806
Location 2
Latitude (deg) Longitude (deg)
23.254712039 87.846917766
Find out the distance of this two locations (in 5 decimal places)?

Answers (1)

Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 7 Apr 2022
This is pretty easy if you have the Mapping Toolbox:
>> [xNorth, xEast, xDown] = geodetic2ned(23.254712039, 87.846917766, 0, 23.254713123, 87.846916806, 0, wgs84Ellipsoid)
xNorth =
xEast =
xDown =
You can also use the Aerospace Toolbox to do this in a similar way using lla2ned.
Benjamin Thompson
Benjamin Thompson on 8 Apr 2022
If you wanted the distance between the two locations in your question, calculate the square root of the sum of the squares. sqrt(x^2 + y^2). It looks like around 15 cm.

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