Back Propagation ANN algorithm and Database?

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hello everyone!
I'm doing a project "Signature Recognition and Classification System" I use the Zernike moments for feature extraction and for classification I use Back Propagation Artificial Neural Network, usually every signature is related to a person so, When the signature assign in the system, the name, last name and ID of person with the feature of signature is stored in a database (I use mat file for storing data), My question is that how to store this data in mat file that later I could Identify signature and compare new signature with database signature, Can I store this data in dataset? Can I store in structure array? and so on. What do you suggest and advise me? if you want get more information about my project see below link:
thanks a lot. please help me I need your suggestion very much.
Mansoor ahmadi
Mansoor ahmadi on 14 Jan 2015
Thank you sir for your advise!
I changed my question, I'm new in this site I don't know some this website's rule. Now if you can answer me. thank you.

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Answers (1)

Stalin Samuel
Stalin Samuel on 14 Jan 2015
for example(basic &not NN) if you have featire f1 f2 f3
f(i,:)=[f1(i) f2(i) f3(i)]
save feature
then use
load feature
and calculate feature for a single image and match with the data base

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