How to print a figure using MATLAB Online with a chromebook

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I have a chromebook that requires me to use MATLAB Online since it is not compatible with the downloaded application. There is a figure I would like to print out on a printer but am unable to access the saved PDF file I have of the figure since it saves it to the MATLAB Drive cloud folder that is not connected to my "Files". Does anyone know how to access the cloud folder from my files or know how to print it from MATLAB Online?
Thank you!

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist on 30 Apr 2022
Edited: Richard Quist on 30 Apr 2022
Here are a couple of approaches that might work for you.
Approach 1: Download the PDF file onto your Chromebook using the "Download" button that is on the "Home" tab of the toolstrip. Once it is saved locally on the Chromebook you can print it from there.
Approach 2: Click on the PDF file in the MATLAB Online Current Folder browser and press the Enter key, or right click on the PDF file in the Current Folder browser and select "Open". Either of those actions should cause the PDF file to open up in a new tab in your browser, and you should be able to print it from there.
Approach 3: (I haven't tried this one...) If you have Linux support enabled on Chromebook, you might be able to set up the Linux version of the MATLAB Drive Connector on your Chromebook, which would give you access to the files in your MATLAB Drive folder. You probably also need to make sure that you 1) share the local (Linux) MATLAB Drive folder with Chrome OS, and 2) that you start the MATLAB Drive Connector so the files will sync.
I hope that helps.


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