How we can define Swept sine, chrip function, Exponential Time funcation in MATLAB?

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I am wondering if there is a direct way in MATLAB to plot Swept sine function or Exponential Time function like the images below.
I checked the chrip function that is available in MATLAB but it does not solve my problem.
Thanks in advance!

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Roshan Swain
Roshan Swain on 4 May 2022
I understand that you wish to know whether swept sine or exponential swept sine function is available in MATLAB.
MATLAB provides “frest.Chirp” for Swept Sine and “sweeptone” for Exponential Swept Sine.
Refer the sample code snippet to plot a swept sine function:
% Swept sine function
>>input = frest.Chirp('Amplitude', 1, 'FreqRange', [10 100], 'InitialPhase',270, 'NumSamples', 100, 'SweepMethod', 'logarithmic')
Refer the sample code snippet to plot a Exponential swept sine function:
%exponential time function
>>fs = 1000;
>>excitation = sweeptone(9,6,fs,ExcitationLevel,1, 'SweepFrequencyRange',[10 500]);
Refer the following documentation to learn more:

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