Need MATLAB program for 2DFATMIC code for 1D reactant solute transport with distance dépend flow and dispersion and a pulse injection

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I would like to applied the 2DFATMIC code to one-dimensional advection-dispersion transport with variable velocity flow and dispersion coefficient. In my problem (single-well push-test applying to PCE reactant solute) the inlet boundary condition is assumed to be a pulse type (first type), the contamination is assumed to be injected until t = 5 days. I want to obtain the concentration distribution during the injection phase and after. But i don't have the 2DFATMIC code. And i wanted to use this code un MATLAB. Thanks !!! I have the following transport équation:
R*dC/dt = d/dx*(D(x)*dC/dx-v(x)*C)-mu*C The velocity is express like this v(x) = 30/(2*pi*10*0.1*x); thé dispersion coefficient is equal to D(x)= 0.1*v(x)
mu is the first order reaction coefficient (mu = 0.075 day^(-1)) Initial condition C(x,t=0) = 0
Boundaries conditions
C(x=0,t) = 1 , 0=<t<t0 and 0 , t> t0 where t0 = 5 days dC(x=L, t) = 0
L is the length of the domain L = 10 m
If it is not possible to obtain the 2DFMTMIC code i wanted as well as possible the cranck Nicholson code or other schème code.

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