plotting a 2D truss

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Omar Morsy
Omar Morsy on 19 May 2022
Edited: Omar Morsy on 20 May 2022
I have 38 nodes and 91 members in my truss. I have a column vector called X which is (38x1) containing the x coordinates of the 38 nodes. and also another column vector Z which is the same as X but has the z coordinates of the nodes. Also I created and incidence matrix C (directed graph of the truss) which is 91x38. In which the rows represent the members and the columns represent the nodes. And for each member (row in incidence matrix C) I have -1 on the smaller node that is connecting the member and 1 on the bigger node. For example, member 1 is connected between node 12 and 13. So, in matrix C. row 1 has -1 in column number 12 and 1 in column number 13 and so on. Now, I want to plot this truss. How can i do that?
I have attached the .m file of the matrices mentioned.
Thanks in advance

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KSSV on 20 May 2022
Omar Morsy
Omar Morsy on 20 May 2022
Edited: Omar Morsy on 20 May 2022
yes. but i will call the function to plot. I do not want to do that. I want to code the plotting function since this is only a part of my full code.

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