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How to import sequence of images from any folder?

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Meshooo on 30 Jan 2015
Commented: Meshooo on 2 Feb 2015
Dear all,
I have a sequence of tif images that I want to import them to my GUI. However, using the following code I can import the images only if they are in a folder which is part of the path of my matlab
[fileName,pathName] = uigetfile('*.tif')
dname = fullfile(pathName,fileName)
filelist = dir([fileparts(dname) filesep '*.tif']);
fileNames = {}';
num_frames = (numel(filelist));
I = imread((fileNames{1})); %to show the first image in the selected folder
imshow(I, []);
How can I import images from any folder which is not included in my matlab path?
Any help is appreciated.


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Accepted Answer

David Young
David Young on 30 Jan 2015
I = imread(fullfile(pathname, fileNames{1}));

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