Is it possible to plot patternCostums in appDesigner?

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I have an interfae in appDesigner and I want to plot the a patternCostum graphic.
I was trying this line:
patternCustom(app.RadiationDiagram, E_sum, Theta_points, Phi_points), but it gives this error:
"The object provided as input is not supported; patternCustom only supports phased.CustomAntennaElement and
If I do this:
patternCustom(E_sum, Theta_points, Phi_points);
A figure with the patternCostum is opened. But I want this diagram in the interface. Is it possible?
Thank you very much!

Accepted Answer

Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 13 Jun 2022
pattenCustom does not work with uiaxes.
Try this workaround below. First create the diagram on an axes within a figure. Then transfer diagram to uiaxes.
helixdata = csvread('antennadata_test.csv',1,0);
uiaxes_handle = uiaxes % The uiaxes in your app might be called app.RadiationDiagram
Error using uiaxes
This functionality is not available on remote platforms.
Bárbara Matos
Bárbara Matos on 13 Jun 2022
Aaaahhh, ok! Now I understand! It works very well. Thank you so much for your help and I apologize for the inconvenience. :)

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