Undefined function periodgram for input arguments of type double?

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I am trying to use the function periodgram in order to plot a timeseries (x) which was an 100x4 matrix.
Fs = 400
x = x(:,1)
[PSD, normalized_frequency] = periodgram(x,Fs)
I am getting the following error:
Error in periodogram (line 202)
if any([signal.internal.sigcheckfloattype(x1,'single','periodogram','X')...
Undefined function 'periodgram' for input arguments of type 'double'.
when I went to go look at the documentation, I got this message:
Input X in periodogram must be double/single, instead it was char.
Which seems to be giving mixed messages.
I tried the following:
%1) converting double to single
x = x(:,1);
x = single(x);
[PSD, norm_frequency] = periodgram(x, Fs)
Do you have any suggestions?
Thanks so much.

Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 17 Jun 2022
It would be nice to know what ‘x’ is.
If it is a table, the reference should be:
(note the curly braces {}) instead.

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