How to get the fisheye camera Intrinsic Parameters reference according to the aberration table provided by the fisheye lens manufacturer?

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I have a fisheye lens aberration correction table like the one below, how can I get the fisheye camera internal reference model(fisheyeIntrinsics object) I want based on this table directly?
According to the official documentation, the matlab fisheye distortion model is the Scaramuzza model used, I tried to pass the method of fitting coefficients, but still did not succeed, thank you very much for your answer.
But I can successfully fit the coefficients according to the polynomial model used by opencv and verify it successfully. matlab uses a different model than the OpenCV distortion model, and the camera coordinates [xc;yc;zc] do not correspond well with the data table one by one, which creates a difficulty, how can i do it?

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