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Write Kml with vector of coordinates

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I have a vector of latitude and longitude where I want to create a kml out of them. However, when I tried with
Poly = kmlwritepoint('new.kml',latitude,longitude)
it saves each point of coordinates individually in struct. That is why in case of reading the kml, I am having so many structs.
Is there any way to save the kml, such a way that I can read the coordinates in a single struct. (e.g. Poly.Lat(1000x1 double) and Poly.Lon(1000x1 double))
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Garmit Pant
Garmit Pant on 4 Jul 2022
Hello Ahmet
The kmlwritepoint function stores the data into kml files as individual points. There are other ways to write data into kml files like kmlwrite, kmlwriteline and kmlwritepolygon but they all serve different purposes. I could not find a function to write the coordinates into kml files in single structs.

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Answers (1)

Siraj on 4 Jul 2022
It is my understanding that you want to read a kml file into a single struct such that you can access all the latitudes and longitudes at once. Currenlty I am not sure if there exists a method to read the kml file into a single struct. You can try :
  1. Read a kml file into a struct.
  2. Convert the struct into a table using "struct2table"
  3. From this tabel you can directly access the columns for latitude and longitude.
For more information you can check Vector to Kml and Importing kml files.
Hope this helps
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Ahmet Hakan UYANIK
Ahmet Hakan UYANIK on 7 Jul 2022
I think Garmit Pant replied as he could not find a function to write the coordinates into kml files in single structs. That is how I wanted to create the kml file but seems like it does not exist.

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