add value from single element of array

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Jernej Primozic
Jernej Primozic on 10 Jul 2022
Answered: the cyclist on 10 Jul 2022
Hi. I am writting a code where i would like to add value from array. So I have one value BAT which is a number. I have an array the size of 35040x1. How can I use for loop to add one value per one iteration to increase BAT value?
So below I managed to calculate a value for bat which is one value. but then after that I dont know what to use to still use this value and go through an array
for jj = 1:length(W_br)
if jj == 1
bat(jj,1) = bat(jj,1) - W_br(jj)
if jj > 1 && jj < 5
bat(jj) = bat(jj) - W_br(jj)
Jernej Primozic
Jernej Primozic on 10 Jul 2022
Okey so i am calculating a value of battery (capcity) throuh time. I was provided with 2 elements (how much does my house use energy and how much does solar panels make)
So lets say
BAT = 7.6 consumption 3 production 5
for loop returns value: BAT = 9.7 (consumption - production)
so i have a whole array full of this 2 data but only a value for BAT
So what would I have to writte so the for loop would return actal value of BAT after going through this two arrays?
consumption: production:
0.08 0.07
0.08 0.00
0.16 0.58
0.00 0.06
BAT value after first loop is: BAT = 7.6-0.08+0.07 = 7.5
after that it should be 6.7 and so on

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Answers (1)

the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Jul 2022
Your example is confusing to me, partly because I think you made some careless math errors. But, the way I could approach this is to calculate the cumulative consumption and production, and then just use vector math (not a for loop) to get the BAT value at every step. Something like this:
consumption = [0.08 0.08 0.16 0.00];
production = [0.07 0.00 0.58 0.06];
cumulativeConsumption = cumsum(consumption);
cumulativeProduction = cumsum(production);
BAT_initial = 7.6;
BAT = BAT_initial - cumulativeConsumption + cumulativeProduction
BAT = 1×4
7.5900 7.5100 7.9300 7.9900




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