To find n number of histcounts in a loop

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I am having a cell array (c) of 3000*2 cell, each containing 1*1000 matrix values. Here I need to find histcounts of each cell and concatenate horizontally. I have used following code to calculate individually, but I need to do for all 3000*2 cell in a loop and store it in a separate cell array (z) of dimension 3000*30. (since bin count is 15 for each column).
[N{1},edges{1}] = histcounts(c{1,1},15); % bin count=15 % column 1
[N{2},edges{2}] = histcounts(c{1,2},15); % column 2
z = horzcat(N{1,1}, N{1,2}); %horizontal concatenation
How can I do this? Kindly help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 14 Jul 2022
Edited: KSSV on 14 Jul 2022
z = cell2mat(N) ;
z = [N{:}] ;
KSSV on 14 Jul 2022
Are you looking for?
[m,n] = size(c) ;
z = cell(m,1) ;
for i = 1:m
[N{1},edges{1}] = histcounts(c{i,1},15); % bin count=15 % column 1
[N{2},edges{2}] = histcounts(c{i,2},15); % column 2
z{i} = horzcat(N{1,1}, N{1,2}); %horizontal concatenation

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