measure the Center of mass

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Mingde on 14 Jul 2022
Edited: Mingde on 14 Jul 2022
Hello all,
I collected the data from pressure mapping (matrix 16x10).
my data collection has matrix 25952x10 = (1622 x 16 x 10) = 27 x 60 x 16 x 10
16 is a row, 10 is a column, 27 is the sampling rate, 60 is sec(T) 1622 is an array.
I want to convert 27 arrays(16x10x27) to 1 segmentation(16x10) to find the center of mass.
finally, I want to average segmentation of 1 to 60 segmentation(16x10) to find the center of mass.
T = readmatrix('dataset.csv')
R = reshape(T.',size(T,2), 16, [])
P = permute(R,[2 1 3])
F = P(:,:,1:27)
szf= size(F);
Ft = sum(sum(F,1),2)
cy = sum((1:szf(1)).'.*sum(F,2))./Ft
cx = sum((1:szf(2)).*sum(F,1))./Ft
I was completed some code. some part not yet to convert from 27 arrays to 1 segmentation and average 60 segmentation.
I want to ask one question, Can you explain to me the Window length, sampling rate, and time? ( is it different or the same?).
Thank you in advance.

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