Is it possible to use hashmap to store data in simulink?

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I want to use hasmap in simulink to store sojourn time of all entities? I am using start timer and read timer to get the sojourn time of each entity and want to print it after all the simulation is over. Is it possible to use hashmap as global and store sojourn time in simulink? Thank you.

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Rishita on 15 Jul 2022
Setting 'UniformValues' to true and defining the size ahead of time. You might be able to get somewhere better performance that way.
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Ho Jung Kim
Ho Jung Kim on 15 Jul 2022
Thank you for answering my question!
I know how to use map containers in Matlab but my question is how should I use it in Simulink. Is there a way to declare map containers in Simulink? or should I make a hashmap in Matlab and call it in simulink? (But I don't know how to do this way)

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