Debug of Discrete Wavelet Transform Script or code

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I get an error if I run this Matlab Discrete Wavelet transform code that need to be debugged. If someone can help me debug. Attached is the code or script

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GandaBerunda on 19 Jul 2022
Hey John,
It would help if you described the specific nature of error you are encountering. I hope you went through the documentation present in File Exchange(Feature Extraction Using Multisignal Wavelet Transform Decom - File Exchange - MATLAB Central ( and GitHub(GitHub - RamiKhushaba/getmswtfeat: Multisignal Wavelet Transform Feature Extraction). The wavelet toolbox is essential for this code, hope you have that installed as well.

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John Amoo-Otoo
John Amoo-Otoo on 20 Jul 2022
Attached shows the errors I have when running the script. Actually the script I am using is Rami Khushaba

John Amoo-Otoo
John Amoo-Otoo on 20 Jul 2022
Attached the error for process data


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