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Entity ID for Entity Multicast

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Ho Jung Kim
Ho Jung Kim on 19 Jul 2022
Commented: Ho Jung Kim on 19 Jul 2022
I am working on a model that needs to print out the entity ID every time an entity enters a server. I am using to get the entity id, but it seems like when it goes through the 'Entity Multicast', the Entity Muticast is generating two new entities, so the input entity and the two output entitys' id is different (if input entity's ID = 1, output entity IDs are 2 and 3). Is there a way to fix this?
Yarthe on 19 Jul 2022
Router identify that a packet is multicast by it's class of IP address (the starting bits). If a multicast is received, however, they will just do nothing.
You have to configure multicast routing. In other words, you have to tell the router to convert the multicast into unicast, and send it to remote subnets. Routers on the other side will convert it back to multicast and deliver to devices in the subnet.
Routers joins a multicast group, meaning they will listen to a specific address of multicast and convert it to unicast. There are potocols that can partially automate that, but the network engineer will have to do the heavy lifting.
Multicast routing is a complex topic, and I hope this gave you an idea.
Ho Jung Kim
Ho Jung Kim on 19 Jul 2022
For a person who just started using simevents, that sounds very difficult, but I'll definitely look into it. Thank you.

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