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Create variables inside the field of netcdf

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I am trying to create a netcdf with the variables I am having in matrix form. However, I cannot create a variable inside a field.
fid=netcdf.create([outputpath '.nc'],'NETCDF4');
latdimID = netcdf.defDim(fid,'lat',length(lat));
lat_ID = netcdf.defVar(fid,'lat','double',latdimID);
netcdf.putVar(fid,lat_ID, latvalues);
like this way of working, I am able to create a variable but I want my variable to be inside the field of "Europe" for example.
so in the end, I intend to something like this:
lat_ID = netcdf.defVar(fid,'Europe/lat','double',latdimID);
but of course, it is not correct way to proceed. Do you know how can I put all of my variables inside one field? with the help of this, I can classify my variables.

Accepted Answer

MJFcoNaN on 20 Jul 2022
"Europe" will be a group name in netcdf:
GID = netcdf.defGrp(fid,'Europe');
lat_ID = netcdf.defVar(GID,'lat','double',latdimID);

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