Zooming a densed signal

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Reji G
Reji G on 27 Jul 2022
Commented: Reji G on 28 Jul 2022
I wanted to generate a very high frequency(65MHz) signal as shown. When any part of the signal is zoomed out, it should have sufficient sinusoidal components as I drawn downwards.
Reji G
Reji G on 28 Jul 2022
Here's my code. But when I zoom it, It just a plane line. But I need multiple sinusoids inside. How do I do that? You can do any chage to get the requirement.
Fs = 10^7;
dt = 1/Fs;
one_signal_period = 0.01;
a= 5*exp(-t/0.0007);
a(1) = 0;
c = a+b;

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Answers (1)

GandaBerunda on 27 Jul 2022
Hi Reji,
Depends on how much you want to zoom out. Two things which come on the top of my head are using the zoom out function in the tools section of the plot window and the second would be setting the xlimits to a large value.
Hope it helps




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