how do I store a function into a variable and solve it?

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I am trying to calculate this function: 𝑓(𝑡) = 4(sin(2𝜋𝑡)) + exp(𝑡)/𝑡
but it keeps on telling me 'Error using sym/assume Too many output arguments.'
syms t
y = 4*sin(2*pi*t) + exp(-t)./t;
eqn = y == 0
eqn = 
solv= solve(eqn,t)
Warning: Unable to solve symbolically. Returning a numeric solution using vpasolve.
solv = 
sumaiya hossain
sumaiya hossain on 5 Aug 2022
Hi thank you for your help, I used pasolve to gives such one value out of an infinite number of possible solutions

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