i trying to 3d plot, but mesh nor plot3 worked

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the function is f(x,y)= 10*x^2*y -5*x^2- 4y^2 -x^4 -2y^4
so when i add "." to the y behind x^2, matlab didn't like it one bit. No matter what i tried it seems to only show a meshgrid plain at best
pic is what i expects it to looks like. And most matlab examples aren't steep like this, so im getting out of ideas too

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 10 Aug 2022
This is what I get from your equation:
xv = -5 : 0.01 : 5;
yv = -5 : 0.01 : 5;
[x,y] = meshgrid(xv,yv);
f = 10*x.^2.*y - 5*x.^2 - 4*y.^2 - x.^4 - 2*y.^4;
Are you absolutely sure you keyed the same equation into the two different software systems? (I can't see the full equation in your image.)

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