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I loaded the .stl file using the pdegplot (code name).
I want to erase the red arrow on the picture.
What should we do?
< my code >
H = pdegplot(GEO); grid on; axis equal; view(3);
xlabel('X(Range)'); ylabel('Y(X-Range / Azi.)'); zlabel('Z(X-Range / Ele.)');
set(HH2(1,1),'FaceColor',[0.8 0.5 0.3]);
xlim([-3 3]); ylim([-2.5 2.5]); zlim([0 3.5]);
xticks(-3:1:3); yticks(-2:1:2.5); zticks(0:1:3.5);

Accepted Answer

Chaitanya Krishna Kantambhatla
Consider the example pdegplot from the documentation.
model = createpde;
The result of the following command plots a 3D graph consists of the quiver you wish to remove.
Now b contains the property of Quiver. You can use the set command to set ‘Visible’ property to ‘off’.
In order to remove the text ‘x’, ’y’, and ‘z’ from the plot, go to property inspector and uncheck the visibility of the text.
Property inspector can be opened from the view tab of the plot window.
Now the plot does not show the text ‘x’, ‘y’, and ‘z’.
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형준 이
형준 이 on 6 Sep 2022
Thanks for the detailed explanation.

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