How to make subplots in GUI that retains the plot?

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Bastion on 11 Oct 2011
In my GUI program, I want to make a button that creates 4 subplots; each of the subplots allows the users' input data to be retained (retain the plot). So the user can look at 4 plot at a time and compare them.
I can create the subplots but everytime the data is not retained.

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 11 Oct 2011
Are you looking for:
hold on
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for ii = 1:4
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Bastion on 12 Oct 2011
No, but I tried that but it didn't work
I just want to have 4 subplots that can show 4 different plots at the same time

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karan on 24 Nov 2011
Hey have you got an answer for this because have a same problem and seeking for a solution
please let me know... @
Thank you
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2011
Please do not post to substantially different questions.
If I recall correctly, you already posted your question about the boundaries. You could post links to images there.

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karan on 24 Nov 2011
so my problem is a little different .... nothing related with retaining the content but the subplot is not 'Contained' within the defined 'boundaries' of the defined axes widget is there a way i can upload images for a better understanding of my problem...


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