Running two very similar scripts, getting different resolution figures when exported.

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Hello all,
I am running into an odd figure problem that I've been debugging all day. I have two scripts (code A and code B) that are doing the exact same thing: they are creating box plots with almost identical data. I have not specified the resolution on the images, and I even copied and pasted the figure code between scripts to ensure that it isn't the figure code, however the output image for both codes is very different in resolution. I manually checked the preferences for both code A and code B, and the preferences for exporting images are the same. I've attached images of the difference in resolution.
I can manually set the resolution of figure B, however, when I do that, it has a weird affect in adobe which I would like to avoid.
has any else seen this? I have been working on this all day and cannot find a solution online or in my lab.

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Jan on 13 Sep 2022
It looks like one of the figures uses painters and the other one OpenGL as renderer. OpenGL is enabled automatically, if a more than a certain number of elements is displayed.
Set the renderer of the figure manually to avoid this.
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nines on 13 Sep 2022
for anyone in the future looking for crisp figure, here is the code:
set(gcf, 'DefaultFigureRenderer', 'painters');

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