How to use autoware auto ros2 stack with matlab? ros2genmsg error

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Autoware is a common ros2 based framework for autonomous driving.
when trying to open a ros2 bag file containing autoware messages in matlab, one needs to first run ros2genmsg on the Autoware message types.
However, when calling
matlab complains with
Identifying message files in folder '/home/user/autoware_fork/src/external/autoware_auto_msgs'..Done.
Validating message files in folder '/home/user/autoware_fork/src/external/autoware_auto_msgs'..Done.
Error using ros.internal.custommsgs.checkValidityOfMessages
No message files found in folder '/home/autoware_fork/src/external/autoware_auto_msgs/autoware_auto_control_msgs/msg'.
Error in ros2genmsg (line 89)
[pkgMsgFiles, pkgSrvFiles] = ros.internal.custommsgs.checkValidityOfMessages(pkgDirs,folderPath,'ros2', pkgInfos);
Error in ground_non_ground (line 4)
Autoware is using some kind of precompiled .idl messages there, which matlab fails to understand.
user@rosgo:~/autoware_fork/src/external/autoware_auto_msgs/autoware_auto_control_msgs$ ls msg/
AckermannControlCommand.idl AckermannLateralCommand.idl HighLevelControlCommand.idl LongitudinalCommand.idl
How can I import this message type into matlab?
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Hari Krishna Kakarla
Hari Krishna Kakarla on 18 Sep 2022
Edited: Hari Krishna Kakarla on 19 Sep 2022
Hi Max,
Thanks for your interest in this feature. This is something our development team is aware and we are considering it. Currently we are supporting only .msg files.
We will consider giving support to .idl files in future releases. Thanks for your feedback.

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