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Hi everyone, So, can you please give me advice how can I connect or interface Matlab with Ansys Fluent?

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For example. I have one model in Fluent and one in Matlab. I wanna run at the same time together.
another question: with the same scenario, it is possible to connect matlab with openfoam or fluent with openfoam?
Arman Burkitbayev
Arman Burkitbayev on 9 Oct 2022
So, openfoam cfd in matlab is not the part of MATLAB?
with this toolbox, I can run one model in openfaom and another model in matlab at the same time? am i right?
Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation on 26 Jan 2023
CFDTool, is an external toolbox for Matlab (well, you can run an OpenFOAM simulation, and connect it before and after with Matlab. Curently you can't run both OpenFOAM and Matlab simulations at the same time)

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