hi every one i need series for erfc(x) match with it in plot

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i need correct series for the equation of erfc(x) and maching with it in plot

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Accepted Answer

Sam Chak
Sam Chak on 22 Sep 2022
Are you looking for something like this?
syms x
sympref('PolynomialDisplayStyle', 'ascend');
f = erfc(x); % function
T = taylor(f, 'Order', 8) % Taylor series
T = 
xd = -2:0.1:2;
yd = subs(f, x, xd);
fplot(T, [-2, 2])
hold on
plot(xd, yd, 'r-.'), grid on
title('Taylor approximation vs. actual function')
Torsten on 22 Sep 2022
If you had studies Sam Chak's answer, you would have seen that your series expansion is just the one that he used for the plot.

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