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Help with Probability density functions?

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I need matlab script to randomly select a set percentage of electric vehicles owners out of a pool of customers. Then generate random data for those multiple users for their EV state of charge (20-80%) and the time of day they start charging their car based on probability density functions.
So out of a pool of 100 vehicle owners per se, it can randomly select a set percentage of owners who may have electricity vehicles (identifying 5 people for 5%). Then for those 5 ppl it gives corresponding state of charge and start charging time values for their EV. It can also randomize whether they charging at level 1 or 2.
So it selecting 5 numbers out of 1-100. Then selecting either L1 or L2. And then pulling a random value from density functions of state of charge 20-100% and charging time 1-24hr. I gotta determine the pdfs though. if we can use normal distributions to start The shape of the distribution should be based on data but we don't have any.I trying to l randomly generate scenarios for simulation.o the output of that statistical analysis would just input into the simulation Is just Monte Carlo with multiple variables?

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