Error when downloading a Support Package with proxy

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I'm using Matlab 2013a and I would like to install some hardware support package (for ex., for Arduino). When I try to install the package by the Support Package Installer (SPI) from Internet, an error occurs because of my proxy.
I tried to run the .p file as suggested here (<>) but when I double-click on the file nothing happens and if I try to open in in the Command Windows I get an error saying that the .p file cannot be edited.
I also try to manually install the support package that I downloaded (.mlpkginstall file), but it is not recognized by the SPI (not visualized when I browse "from Folder") and I get the same proxy error as if I tried to install it "from Internet".
What can/should I do?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Answers (1)

Venceslao on 12 Mar 2015
Problem solved: my proxy parameters were not initialized in Matlab (File->Preferences->Web). Sorry for the dummy question.


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