ros2genmsg Error when updating to R2022b

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I was able to generate/use custom ROS2 messages with R2022a, but I just upgraded to 2022b and I am not getting an error when I used ros2genmsg (see below). I have attached a screenshot with 2022a and 2022b running side-by-side showing that my PATH variable includes the same path to CMake and that my python environments are the same. I don't know what the issue could be.
>> ros2genmsg(pwd)
Identifying message files in folder '/Users/mshafer/Desktop/PLAYGROUND/CODE_TOEPLITZ'..Done.
Validating message files in folder '/Users/mshafer/Desktop/PLAYGROUND/CODE_TOEPLITZ'..Done.
[1/1] Generating MATLAB interfaces for custom message packages... Done.
Running colcon build in folder '/Users/mshafer/Desktop/PLAYGROUND/CODE_TOEPLITZ/matlab_msg_gen/maci64'.
Build in progress. This may take several minutes...Error using ros.internal.ROSProjectBuilder/buildPackage
Error building package: build log.
Error in ros2genmsg (line 336)
buildPackage(builder, [], ' --merge-install', colconMakeArgs); %other messages might need to be present in the same directory
The build log I have bolded above contains the following information:
CMake Error: Error: generator : Ninja
Does not match the generator used previously: Unix Makefiles
Either remove the CMakeCache.txt file and CMakeFiles directory or choose a different binary directory.
Michael on 26 Oct 2022
@Karthik Reddy Vennapureddy That worked. I originally deleted a matlab_msg_gen that was in the subdirectory, which didn't work. I needed to delete the one in the parent directory.

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Accepted Answer

Karthik Reddy Vennapureddy
Hi Michael,
Could you please delete older matlab_msg_gen folder and re-run ros2genmsg on the message package folder. ros2genmsg in R2022b uses Ninja Generator of CMake.
Karthik Reddy

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