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Help with switch case on simulink ?

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Steve on 21 Mar 2015
Commented: Naty S on 22 Mar 2015
Hey everyone,
Attach is the subsystem I am working on.
So far what it does : The analog input pin from the arduino outputs a value from 0-800. I have two switch blocks. The bottom, switch 2 accepts the input from the arduino, and if it is higher than zero it carries PID ( med buc1) to the other switch else it if it is less than or equal to zero it carries PID (buc ) to the other switch. The other switch, switch1 carries PID (Ful buc1) if the arduino input is greater than 600 else if is not greater than 600 it carries PID (Med buc1).
I would like that if I am in PID (Ful buc1) or PID (med buc1) and I am increasing the value in the slider that it automatically goes to PID (buc) and uses it.
Kind Regards, Steve

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Naty S
Naty S on 22 Mar 2015
Sorry but I didn't understand the problem. You want that if the Slider gain is above a specific value you want to choose the buc block?

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