HVAC simulation energy studies

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Haneen Gamal
Haneen Gamal on 26 Nov 2022
Answered: Luke Halberstadt on 6 Jan 2023
I want to know how build a simulation for commertial HVAC system, to study the effectivness of diffrenet motors and the effect of adding variable speed drive on the performance and energy savings.

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Luke Halberstadt
Luke Halberstadt on 6 Jan 2023
You can use Simscape to simulate a commercial HVAC system and assess the affect of variable speed drive on the performance. Check out these examples on relevant pieces of the system:
Refrigerant cycle performance and efficiency
Moist Air Thermodynamics:
Motor performance and efficiency:
We offer a variety of comprehensive trainings on how to use Simscape, which you can find here:
You will also see MATLAB and Simulink appear in the list as they are pre-requisites for the Simscape courses.


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