Can somebody help me on making Descrete PID?

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Zoran on 9 Jan 2023
Commented: Joel Van Sickel on 10 Jan 2023
I need to form a descreate PID in Simulink, from multiplyers, delays, sum, and other elements, can somebody help me, Ive already made some model that doesn not work
You can open the picture below to see my descrete PID, thak you in advance!

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 10 Jan 2023
This sounds like a homework asignment since you are limited to using specific blocks. Given that, I'll give you a hint that you need to fix your equations for derivative and for integration. It migh help to search for discrete time integration and derivatives.
Zoran on 10 Jan 2023
Yeah, I have already done that, but maybe I am wrong, so can you or anybody else do that for me to see my mistakes? THX for answering
Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 10 Jan 2023
it wouldn't be apropriate to solve the problem for you. You can make it easier by attempting to solve the issue one at a time. There are existing blocks in simulink that can calculate the derivative and integration of a signal in discrete time. You can use one of the those blocks to create the correct signal, and then try and build an equivalent model that does the same thing with the limits you have been given of only using basic building blocks. Once you are doing the derivative and integration correctly, then you can focus on building the PID controller.

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