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analysis of data for decision making

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michael on 14 Jan 2023
I need to combine some parameters for some decision:
  1. I have 6 antenna combinations (2TX-3RX antennas)
  2. some of those antenna have effective zone (for example, elevation angle for antenna is limited to some value).
  3. there is link budget (some is analyzed, some is not). I'd like to take some margin of 10 dB. If I'll take a basic one and change antenna type (gain) and based on 2 random points I'll have the range betwen them, I can basically compute the margin for all the options.
My challange is to put all the data all together so that there will be some single figure from which one would be able to make a decision.
I've thought the best way would be use of monte-carlo simulation where a tx point is selected (assuming rx is constant) and link budget could be calculated, but don't know how to proceed.
I'd be glad to have guides how to do that.

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