Resampling ECG signal from Physionet 2017 datset

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I am trying to resample the ECG Signal from the file in the link. It is an array of dimension 5969x18000 wherein each ECG waveform is stored in a row.
ecg = load('train.mat');
ecg_signal = ecg.array(3,:);
fs_original = 300; % original sampling frequency in Hz
% Define the new sampling frequency
fs_new = 100; % new sampling frequency in Hz
% Re-sample the signal using the resample function
ecg_resampled = resample(ecg_signal,fs_new,fs_original);
% Plot the resampled data
title('Resampled ECG Data (100 Hz)');
But the result I am getting is still not satisfactory. I need to implement some QRS detection algorithm so I am trying to resample it so that the algorithm gives more accuracy.
I was expecting results similar to below picture:
Could someone suggest me how to do it?

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