How to prevent trimming of characters from visdiff output?

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I have developed a MATLAB app programatically and wanted to compare it with a different version and get a "comparison" output from visdiff for the same. The idea is to parse through the output comparison and add any buttons, tabs or tables programatically since MATLAB merge mode is not very reliable for my case.
When I use
comparison = visdiff('file1.m', 'file2.m');
I do get an output in the form of character array but some of the classes for the components are trimmed out. For eg, matlab.ui.container.Button is trimmed and displayed only as matlab.ui.container.Bu
More examples are shown in the figure.
Are there any available options here to prevent that from happening?
Jayanth Suresh
Jayanth Suresh on 28 Feb 2023 at 23:52
Thanks for the suggestions, I am circling back to this topic to close this out. I did reach out to official support request and this was their reply.
"The behavior you are noticing has been fixed as of MATLAB release R2023a"

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