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Yuriy Chesnokov
Yuriy Chesnokov on 22 Oct 2011
Answered: Julian Hapke on 11 Dec 2023
Is there any similar to AStyle formatting tool for C/C++/C# languages which can beautify matlab m-file code?
Ctrl+I is too simple for my needs
Jan on 22 Oct 2011
To answer this, we have to know your needs.
Personally I prefer an indentation, which is as trivial as possible - simply eye-popping.
Yuriy Chesnokov
Yuriy Chesnokov on 22 Oct 2011
Edited: Guillaume on 28 Nov 2018
the same as in AStyle
to convert some unreadable or unformatted code to uniform style
[V,D]=eig(Kn);clear Kn;
V=sortrows([V' diag(D)],size(X,1)+1);V=flipud(V);
coeff= V(:,1:end-1)';
clear V;clear D;
to uniform:
[V, D] = eig(Kn);
clear Kn;
V = sortrows([V' diag(D)], size(X,1)+1);
V = flipud(V);
latent = V(:,end);
coeff = V(:,1:end-1)';
clear V;
clear D;

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Answers (7)

David Varga
David Varga on 6 Jun 2016
I know it is an old question, and I just put this here as an addition.
You could check: MBeautifier
I have just created it for personal use, it is a lightweight M-Script based tool that can be usable to format Matlab M-Code directly in the Matlab editor
hasan fawaz
hasan fawaz on 30 Jul 2019
I love you man :D Life Saver :D !
Ruben Lange
Ruben Lange on 28 Apr 2020
Hi David,
I know I am very late to this, but I don't really know how to add the root directory to my matlab path as you describe on the github page...
I also don't understand how to do the shortcuts part.
Could you (or someone else) help me with this?
Thanks in advance!

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Florian Schanda
Florian Schanda on 26 Mar 2021
Hi, there is https://github.com/florianschanda/miss_hit which can format code and much more.

Troy_Daniel on 21 Nov 2019
I know this question is quite old, and there is already a solution for Maltab GUI Editor. However, I prefer to edit M-files with vim, I'm frustrated to find that there was no a proper solution for commandline usage. So I imlement one using C++, which achieve quite simple formatting. The code is available on Github https://github.com/TroyDanielFZ/Matlab-M-Source-Formator .
This answer is posted in case that someone else need this implement for editors like vim.

Brian Harris
Brian Harris on 23 Aug 2022
Edited: Brian Harris on 23 Aug 2022
vscode has a pretty good matlab formater built in (formats on save). Underpinning the vscode plugin is a python script which you can run on the command line (matlab_formatter.py <matlab_file_name>)

Jan on 22 Oct 2011
Did you try the "Crimson Editor" or XEmacs already?
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Yuriy Chesnokov
Yuriy Chesnokov on 22 Oct 2011
no, do they support matlab code formatting? as in my comments to your question above?

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Narendra Kulkarni
Narendra Kulkarni on 29 Sep 2014
Hi, I am facing the same problem. There arent any good tools to beautify matlab code or are there?
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 30 Sep 2014
Edited: Image Analyst on 30 Sep 2014
I don't understand why control-I is not acceptable for you and Yuriy. What's wrong with the way it does it? It fixes the indenting, though it doesn't add spaces around operators such as = and +. Is that the problem?
Evgeny Mirkes
Evgeny Mirkes on 11 Jan 2018
Edited: Evgeny Mirkes on 11 Jan 2018
Because indentation is not enough for beauty code.

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Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke on 11 Dec 2023
Here's a MATLAB snippet that depends on the undocumented tree2str and mtree, but produces a reasonable result:
tree2str(mtree(FILENAME, '-file', '-comments'))


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