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Change pixels to mm in axes

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Eliska Paulikova
Eliska Paulikova on 3 Mar 2023
Hello, I have an image, I know that 1 pixel is 0.14mm. But if I plot some points from the image. The axes is in pixels. But I would like to have it in mm. How can I do it? Thank you so much

Answers (2)

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 3 Mar 2023
Read about function imref2d

DUY Nguyen
DUY Nguyen on 3 Mar 2023
Hi Eliska, you can try this code:
% Load image
I = imread('your_image.bmp');
% Define conversion factor
conversion_factor = 0.14; % mm/pixel
% Get size of image
[M, N] = size(I);
% Create spatial referencing object
ref = imref2d([M N],conversion_factor,conversion_factor);
% Plot points on millimeter-scale axis
imshow(I, ref);
Eliska Paulikova
Eliska Paulikova on 3 Mar 2023
I was trying to use imred2D function, but as you can see I have a problem here. I don't know what to do with a table

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