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Removal of background continuum emission from a LIBS spectra

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Hello, I have a LIBS raw spectra that contain both the background continuum emission and the atomic and ionic emission. 'The task is for me to remove the background continuum emission'. The approach I used for the first data I collected is not working for the new data I am working on.
What I did on the first data was just by smoothing with sgolay filter and then substracted the smoothed data from the original (raw) data but this approach seems not to work on my current data.
Is there anyone who has a more defined approach to solving this please?. I have included the image of what the spectra look like. Thanks

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 10 Mar 2023
It would help to have the data, and a description of the desired result, since I do not understand ‘background continuum emmission’ or what it does to the signal.
One option could be to use the islocalmin function with the appropriate 'MinProminence' value, fit that result using polyfit (and polyval), and then subtract that from the original signal to ptroduce a more consistent baseline. That approach has worked in other applications for me.

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