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SPI data reading in simulink arduino connection using LS7366 R IC

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Please let me know how to use SPI data reading in simulink.
I read the documentation page of SPI block, but did not understand clearly.
I am reading the speed of encoder and using a quadrature decoder IC (LS7366 R) to decode the encoder signal.
Please let me know how to read the speed using simulink in arduino.

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Arun Kumar
Arun Kumar on 6 Apr 2023
Hi Aakash,
Here is a tutorial of communicating with spi based EEPROM:
You can follow similar approach to communicate with other sensors.
Hope this helps!
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aakash dewangan
aakash dewangan on 27 Oct 2023
Edited: aakash dewangan on 28 Oct 2023
I did not get the clear idea about using SPI in simulink with arduino from documentation of mathworks:(.
DO I need to shift to my IDE code because simulink doesnot have simpler solution?
Thank you,

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