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I would like to know the sampling rate for CIR obtained in a MATLAB example.

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In a MATLAB example: "Three-Dimensional Indoor Positioning with 802.11az Fingerprinting and Deep Learning"
CIR extraction is obtained using channel estimation. My equstion is, what is the sampling rate of the obtained CIR samples, is it equal bandwidh of transmitting signal?. I have checked MATLAB built-in function that MATLAB uses to obtain CIR but can not catch the answer. The MATLAB CIR function is called: helperChannelImpulseResponse(crf,Nfft,Ncp,activeFFTInd,varargin)

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Atharva on 22 Jun 2023
Hey Nader,
The sampling rate of the obtained Channel Impulse Response (CIR) samples depends on the specific implementation and configuration of the system you are working with. The CIR samples are typically obtained from the received signal, and their sampling rate is determined by the sampling rate of the received signal itself.
In the context of the MATLAB function helperChannelImpulseResponse that you mentioned, the sampling rate of the CIR samples is not explicitly provided by the function itself. Instead, the function focuses on estimating the CIR based on the input parameters and the received signal.
To determine the sampling rate of the CIR samples, you need to consider the sampling rate of the received signal that you provide as input to the function. The CIR samples will have the same sampling rate as the received signal because they are derived from it.
Therefore, you should ensure that the received signal you provide to the helperChannelImpulseResponse function has the correct sampling rate that matches the bandwidth of the transmitting signal. The function itself does not modify the sampling rate of the received signal or the resulting CIR samples.


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