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Resize font size automatically when app window size is enlarged

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I have built an application. The font size of the application when "Not-enlarged" is perfect. But when enlarged the font sizes dont increase so the all the font sizes look out of place and too tiny in an "enlarged" window of the app. How do i make the font sizes to automatically chnage/adjust with window size.
I tried with the Normalise option but did not help. similarly autoresize children option ON does not help either.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 30 Apr 2023
> I tried with the Normalise option but did not help.
Why didn't setting font units to normalized solve the problem?

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Answers (1)

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 30 Apr 2023
You may try to use SizeChangedFcn callback to adjust the font size as a workaround.
The following example determine the new font size based ONLY on the vertical size of the figure. You may modify it according to your needs.
uif = uifigure;
defaultSize = uif.Position(4)-uif.Position(2); % Default vertical size of the figure
uif.AutoResizeChildren = 'off';
uif.SizeChangedFcn = {@changeFontSize,uif,defaultSize,fontSize};
fontSize = 12; % Default font size
uilabel(uif,'Position',[50 50 400 50],'Text','Change font size','FontSize',fontSize);
uitextarea(uif,'Position',[300 50 200 50],'Value','234','FontSize',fontSize);
function changeFontSize(src,event,uif,defaultSize,fontSize)
newSize = uif.Position(4)-uif.Position(2); % New vertical size of the figure
factor=newSize/defaultSize; % A factor to determine new font size
obj = findobj(uif.Children,'-property','FontSize'); % Extract objects with FontSize property
for k = 1:length(obj)
obj(k).FontSize = factor*fontSize; % Change to a new font size
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 30 Apr 2023
Edited: Adam Danz on 30 Apr 2023
+1 to @Walter Roberson's recommendation to consider fontsize().
The ideal solution is to set all font units to normalized.
Alternatively, you could use SizeChangedFcn in @Simon Chan's answer but instead of finding objects with a fontsize property, compute the change in figure size (newSize / oldSize) and use that ratio as a scale factor in fontsize(fig,scale=sfactor).

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