the conversion from data string to serial number

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I have to convert from string (cell) to serial number but it's there a faster method?
for i = 1:length(TabStrum_Nome)
>> class(A.textdata)
ans =
Luca Re
Luca Re on 12 May 2023
sorry but the notification that someone had answered me arrived the meantime I had solved the problem

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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 12 May 2023
Edited: Stephen23 on 12 May 2023
Yes, that is the wrong date.... it is also the wrong data type: why are you using deprecated serial date numbers?
The DATENUM documentation states at the top:
C = compose('%02d/01/2008',(1:10).')
C = 10×1 cell array
{'01/01/2008'} {'02/01/2008'} {'03/01/2008'} {'04/01/2008'} {'05/01/2008'} {'06/01/2008'} {'07/01/2008'} {'08/01/2008'} {'09/01/2008'} {'10/01/2008'}
N = datenum(C,'dd/mm/yyyy')
N = 10×1
733408 733409 733410 733411 733412 733413 733414 733415 733416 733417
ans = 10×11 char array
'01-Jan-2008' '02-Jan-2008' '03-Jan-2008' '04-Jan-2008' '05-Jan-2008' '06-Jan-2008' '07-Jan-2008' '08-Jan-2008' '09-Jan-2008' '10-Jan-2008'
Stephen23 on 5 Jun 2023
"if i want to use only date (not date and time) you always advise me to use the 'format' datetime ?"
That depends entirely on what you mean by "use", which you have not explained.
Changing the DATETIME format changes how it displays/converts to text, but does not change the value of the DATETIME object itself. So if you want e.g. to compare DATETIME values or group them, it doesn't have any effect.

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