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y-axis with diffent scalings

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dj1du on 4 Jun 2023
Commented: chicken vector on 4 Jun 2023
in the attached figure I'd like to make the y values between 0 and 0.05 (dashed line) appear more clearly visible, as a lot of values are located in this range. Basically, I'd like the y axis to be scaled between 0 and 0.05 in steps of 0.01 and the scaling of all values > 0.05 should be like in the attached figure. How can I do this?

Answers (2)

chicken vector
chicken vector on 4 Jun 2023
If you want to keep the figure with this format, I'd say you have two options.
You can either make an axis break with the FEX functions mentioned here:
Or you change the scale of Y-axis to the only non-linear option avilable:
x = repmat(1 : .5 : 6, 1, 4);
data = rand(size(x)) * 10;
idx = data > 5;
data(idx) = .5 + rand(size(find(idx))) / 3;
tiledlayout(2, 1);
scatter(x, data);
scatter(x, data);
set(gca, 'YScale', 'Log');

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 4 Jun 2023
Let's try use function yyaxis.
Separate the data into two groups and plot the larger and smaller values using left and right y-axis respectively.
Adjust the y-axis scale on both sides and finally hide the right y-axis.
Agree that it is a bit complicated but final result is similar to what you need.
x = 1:0.5:6;
y = [rand(4,numel(x))*0.05; rand(4,numel(x))];
threshold = 0.05;
idx = y>threshold;
ylarge = y.*idx;
ylarge(~idx) = NaN;
ysmall = y.*~idx;
ysmall(idx) = NaN;
% 5 steps from 0 to 0.05 & 19 steps from 0.05 to 1.0
nLevel_large = (1.0-threshold)/threshold;
nLevel_small = (threshold-0)/0.01;
nLevel = nLevel_large + nLevel_small;
ystart_large = 1 - nLevel*threshold;
yend_small = 0.01*nLevel;
f = figure;
ax1= axes(f);
marker = ["s","*","o","d","s","*","o","d"];
color = ["r","b","g","m","m","g","b","r"];
arrayfun(@(r) line(x,ylarge(r,:),'LineStyle','none','Marker',marker(r),'Color',color(r)),1:8,'uni',0);
ax1.YLim = [ystart_large 1];
ax1.YTick= ystart_large:threshold:1.0;
ax1.YTickLabel = [compose('%.2f',0:0.01:0.04),compose('%.2f',threshold:threshold:1.00)];
arrayfun(@(r) line(x,ysmall(r,:),'LineStyle','none','Marker',marker(r),'Color',color(r)),1:8,'uni',0);
ax1.YLim = [0 yend_small];


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