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How to figure out "preview too large to be displayed" error while importing .mat file with import wizard

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I want to open a matlab file of a 3-dimensional array. When I run the import wizard to open this file, it says the preview is too large to display. To solve this problem, I reduced the matrix and changed the data type to reduce the byte size. Even if I keep reducing it, there is a problem. How can I solve this problem?

Accepted Answer

lazymatlab on 30 Aug 2023
The preview pane on the Import Wizard window tries to show all the elements of selected matrix which may fail if it has too many elements. It seems like the maximum number of elements that the preview pane can show depends on the dimension of matrix, because the 1-D matrix show below has no problem to be previewed.
>> a = rand(20,20,10);
>> a = a(:);
>> save('a.mat', 'a');
Hope this helps.

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